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trio / трио, тройка, три
имя существительное
troika, three, triple, trio, triplet, threesome
trio, ternary
имя существительное
a set or group of three people or things.
the hotel was run by a trio of brothers
a jazz trio
He is at his best in the many lyrical sections of the piece, which include most of the outer movements as well as the wistful trio of the middle scherzo movement.
He said that after getting a lift out to the bar with his brother at around 3.40p.m., the trio watched the match and had around three drinks each.
The withdrawal of the Godolphin trio will hit the number of overseas horses competing.
The trio , including a pair dressed as Batman and Robin, were brought down from the roof at 7.10 am after protesting for 40 minutes.
These works, paintings of a sort, may consist of single rectangles, a pair or a trio .
As a child, you were already playing in a family chamber music trio .
We learn, for instance, how his wife played a crucial role in the composition of the sublime trio at the end of Der Rosenkavalier.
Though the small room was jam-packed that evening, it proved to be a very intimate setting for a jazz trio concert.
the hotel was run by a trio of brothers