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trinity / связанный с Троицей, состоящий из трех частей
имя прилагательное
связанный с Троицей
состоящий из трех частей
tripartite, triform, triplex, trinity
имя существительное
the Christian Godhead as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
These creeds settled basic issues such as the Trinity and deity of Christ.
A mythological trinity of ancient Greek goddesses, another triangulation, provides a clue to the meaning of the three parts of the work.
In Maryland, for example, denying the trinity subjected one to punishments ranging from forfeiting all of one's property to imprisonment to having a hole burned in your tongue.
Many churches teach nothing at all about the life of God as trinity .
But people's moral righteousness is tuned up by a most unholy trinity : sex, nationalism and empire.
God is said to be trinity in unity
The trouble is, says British sociologist, Bob Jessop the old Market / Civil Society / State trinity is being rather painfully reconfigured just now.
And if we are created in his image, I also believe we are a trinity .
It was believed that disrupting any triangle was like disrupting the trinity .
Gurdial Singh joined the school a couple of years later, and the trinity became a quartet.
The primary considerations constituted by trinity , in other words.