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trine / триада, тройка
имя существительное
triad, trine, ternary
troika, three, triple, trio, triplet, trine
имя прилагательное
triple, ternary, threefold, treble, triplex, trine
favorable, auspicious, conducive, advantageous, friendly, trine
имя существительное
an aspect of 120° (one third of a circle).
Venus in trine to Mars
(of a planet) be in a trine aspect with (another planet or position).
Jupiter trines Pluto all month
Venus in trine to Mars
The trine formed between Mars and Uranus shows originality and enthusiasm in your actions.
However, we are starting to see indications of a lesser sentence of imprisonment, since a trine is a favorable aspect.
Venus in trine to Mars
a trine aspect
Dorotheus refers to the trine as an aspect of much love and to the quartile as one of a medium amount of love.
a trine aspect
As Anthony J. McGettigan says: The last time Saturn trined Uranus during a change of signs was during the years 1912-1914.
Sexual attraction occurs when one partner's Venus aspects the other's Mars; conjunctions are the most potent, with trines and sextiles also making for rewarding contact.
Three planets are connected by three trines to form a triangle, the Grand Trine, around which planetary influences circulate with ease.