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trimming / обрезки, отделка, снятие заусенцев
имя существительное
trimming, cuttings, waste, debris, paring, offcut
finishing, finish, trim, furnish, trimming, garnish
снятие заусенцев
имя существительное
small pieces trimmed off something.
hedge trimmings
decoration, especially for clothing.
a party dress with lace trimming
make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts.
trim the grass using a sharp mower
decorate (something), typically with contrasting items or pieces of material.
a pair of black leather gloves trimmed with fake fur
adjust (sails) to take best advantage of the wind.
While trimming sails as a beginner, Pogell discovered that the sport was an ideal vehicle for personal growth.
get the better of (someone), typically by cheating them out of money.
rebuke (someone) angrily.
She was wearing a light blue pullover shirt and gray shorts with elastic trimming .
a party dress with lace trimming
So, over 20 years, given inflation, you'll spend about $3,200, give or take a trimming .
Painted a light, bright yellow with white trimming , and surrounded with beautiful, neatly cut bushes, it was a house from every young girl's dream!
The house was painted white with gray trimming .
a party dress with lace trimming
His pants were also white, just without the trimming .
He smiled politely as he was served food and drink, and sat quietly on a nice couch until the nobleman came out, dressed in a royal blue tunic, trimmed in black, the pants being the same as the trimming .
Per capita, New Yorkers put out between 45 and 70 kilograms of trimmings , almost exactly what we get from our modern wet-waste composting program.
Praise must be given to noted musician/conductor Erwin for saluting the legendary musicians, but the result is soulless and, at times, overpolished with orchestra and the trimmings .