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trimmer / триммер, оппортунист, приспособленец
имя существительное
trimmer, tab
opportunist, trimmer, timeserver
trimmer, timeserver
имя существительное
an implement used for trimming off the unwanted or untidy parts of something.
a hedge trimmer
a person who adapts their views to the prevailing political trends for personal advancement.
He's a trimmer , a politician of convenience who moves his positions around, depending on which way the wind is blowing.
a person who decorates something.
window trimmers
a crosspiece fixed between full-length joists (and often across the end of truncated joists) to form part of the frame of an opening in a floor or roof.
Check your blueprint for the distance of the sill from the floor, then measure and mark it on the trimmer studs.
a person responsible for trimming the sails of a yacht.
During the race, Tom Droescher, working as the spinnaker trimmer , was swept overboard during a jibe and landed on his back in the 45-degree waters of Puget Sound.
имя прилагательное
neat and smart in appearance; in good order.
she kept her husband's clothes neat and trim
he is a clever trimmer, a closet federalist unchanged at heart
Indeed, the composite make-up of carriages always mandated multiple skills, from body maker to smith, from trimmer to painter.
Three crew changes were made during the Auckland stop-over in an attempt to resurrect the women's flagging fortunes and these included Scottish ocean sailor Emma Richards as helmsman / trimmer .
Quite where messing about became a full-blown profession he is hard put to say, but from life as a humble trimmer , he joined the ill-fated GBR America's Cup challenge where he ‘fell into navigating by accident’.
Ultimately, I found a way around the issue: each week, I use a beard trimmer without the comb, resulting in something like a 2-day growth that looks really good.
The Lightweight Model 1196 features a trimmer receiver and a slimmer, lighter barrel than its 1187 older brother.
Alternatives to using glyphosate on weeds are: using a line trimmer or brush cutter, hand pulling weeds, steam or hot water treatment.
a hedge trimmer
This evening as I stepped out the front door, I heard the hideous whine of a saw - no, it's a weed trimmer - down the street.
As trimmer / helmsman, Richards agrees she could not have picked a more daunting debut in the round-the-world race.