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trimaran / тримаран
имя существительное
a yacht with three hulls in parallel.
His first yacht, a trimaran , was crushed by a tug as it was put into the water for the first time and had to be hauled out.
Mollycoddle half a dozen in air-conditioned luxury aboard an ocean-going trimaran , and peace and harmony shall prevail.
Ready to de-power the huge trimaran at any moment, she held the auto-pilot remote control in one fist and the tails of two control ropes in the other.
There are a number of different sailing vessels currently operating out of Thailand, from mono hulled outfits to catamarans or even trimaran yachts.
A keen sailor, he single-handedly built a 50 foot glass fibre trimaran over seven years, and spent many happy years sailing it in the Channel and the Mediterranean.
Despite a total lack of racing experience, he bought a 60-foot racing trimaran (the fastest, most complex machine a sailor could set foot on at the time) and named it Lakota.
The trials programme has been very successful with results validating earlier research and proving that the trimaran hull form can perform as well as, and in many cases better than, the traditional monohull.
As she spoke, her giant trimaran was climbing great walls of rolling water and then blasting down into the troughs between waves on her 21st day at sea.
More than 10,000 Ellen fans recently turned out to cheer on their hero as she sailed her trimaran from Greenwich to Tower Bridge along the River Thames.
The end cannot come fast enough for Britain's exhausted sailing heroine, whose trimaran almost came to grief yesterday
In 1992, the thrill-seeking sailor, who holds the round-Ireland solo record of 90 hours, had to be rescued from the Atlantic when his trimaran sank in 50-knot winds off Rhode Island in America.