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trilogy / трилогия
имя существительное
trilogy, three-decker
имя существительное
a group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums.
But yes, I had geeky fun and will see the three films back-to-back at the trilogy 's first marathon screening.
The results, as throughout the trilogy , are delightful.
In his trilogy of plays, The Oresteia, he deals with the themes of betrayal, murder and reconciliation.
Given their overlapping concerns, these films form an unofficial trilogy .
Firstly, he decided on a trilogy and to film it in one epic shoot.
This huge opera is nothing less than a setting in Russian of almost the entire plot of the trilogy of Aeschylus.
There will also be a preview on Thursday, November 13, of a trilogy of short films based on Oscar Wilde's famous children stories.
In this paper 1 shall discuss only King Oedipus, the key play in Sophocles' trilogy .
It is a classic example of a series in which there was a vague idea of a trilogy , but that never really came together until after the success of the first film.
There are some mysteries in the trilogy that you don't fully explain.
This isn't just a film, or a trilogy , it's cinema history.