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trill / трель, вибрирующее r
имя существительное
trill, warble, shake, quaver, mordent
вибрирующее r
выводить трель
be filled, break into, trill
имя существительное
a quavering or vibratory sound, especially a rapid alternation of sung or played notes.
they heard the muffled trill of the telephone
produce a quavering or warbling sound.
a skylark was trilling overhead
‘Zoe -’ Antonio said, but a soft trill sounded before he could finish.
Persistently, my phone continues to happily trill .
Jonathan began to trill quietly, chirping and twittering at intervals and growing steadily louder.
We categorized songs as local or nonlocal dialect based on the nature of the note complex and the trill .
Apparently Thais don't trill their tongue skillfully enough to produce an intelligible ‘r’ sound.
There is a small error in the article on the addition of a symbol for the labiodental flap to the International Phonetic Alphabet: the bilabial trill does not still await its day.
These may have final postvocalic /r/ and a medial /r/ as trill or tap.
One might consider a slow working out of this process with ‘freeze-frame’ practice on the note before the trill .
At Newport, 52.4% of the males sang a hybrid trill .
From its first unsettling minutes, where piano, flutes, violins, harp and tuned percussion trill , pluck and flutter over a gently dissonant ostinato bass, the symphony unfolds an almost seamless 26-minute structure.