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trike / трехколесный велосипед, мотоцикл с коляской
имя существительное
трехколесный велосипед
tricycle, trike, velocipede, tricar
мотоцикл с коляской
tricycle, tricar, trike
имя существительное
a tricycle.
He's also becoming addicted to hang gliding (which we'll review in due course), and he tinkers with bikes and trikes .
If we were staying here I'd trade my bike in for a trike and, depending on the location, I may well do that when we fetch up some place new.
High winds and torrential rain made conditions difficult but seven bikers and a trike took part in what has become an annual event.
Other events tomorrow include a vintage cycle display, tandem and trike racing and grass track racing.
Our filming trike was not really a trike because it had four wheels.
In overtaking a fully aware child on a bike or trike , the child's tendency to twist around and watch you over his or her shoulder causes the bike to swerve across your path just as you attempt to pass.
All the kit will be moved back to the UK where we will run a slimmed down winter operation in the UK with the two trikes before investing in new ones for 2004.
The tragedy has raised concerns about the safety of trikes, particularly in Blackpool where purpose-built trikes have been given the council's go-ahead for use as taxis from next Easter.
The day could be summarised as: tandems are harder than they look, sit-up-and-beg bikes cause pain, and recumbent trikes are great fun.
He unscrewed handlebars and wheels etc. and fitted the two trikes neatly in the boot.
He added that it has been fascinating to see children being brought in for their first trikes and go up through bigger bikes until they are bringing their own children in.