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trigger-happy / воинственный, агрессивный, готовый стрелять по любому поводу
имя прилагательное
warlike, bellicose, militant, martial, belligerent, trigger-happy
aggressive, invasive, offensive, belligerent, bellicose, trigger-happy
готовый стрелять по любому поводу
легкомысленный в обращении с оружием
имя прилагательное
ready to react violently, especially by shooting, on the slightest provocation.
territory controlled by trigger-happy bandits
The trigger-happy insanity shown in the second segment is proven by the first to have come from somewhere - it isn't an intrinsic element of manhood.
Regan gasped, surprised, not expecting such a fierce attack from his cousin, though she was known to be violent and trigger-happy .
Arguably, however, the cops should be more trigger-happy than they are.
By conflating the four episodes into two film-length pieces, the BBC runs the risk of tempting trigger-happy viewers to channel-hop, which would be a genuine shame.
At first it was the gangs they feared, then it was trigger-happy cops.
I must say I agree with the $20,000 fine some trigger-happy moron got for killing a condor - though I would have sent the big hero to jail as well.
Many have online accounts, which tend to appeal to trigger-happy investors.
Too many of us live outside Lesotho, which is normal, after so many years of a trigger-happy government.
Even Winston Churchill, then the minister responsible, was shocked by the action of some trigger-happy pilots and vengeful ground troops.
It's a worrying statistic and maybe a trigger-happy situation but, by the same token, you need to be seen to be going forward.