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trigger / триггер, спусковой крючок, защелка
имя существительное
спусковой крючок
latch, snap, catch, pawl, click, trigger
спускать курок
имя существительное
a small device that releases a spring or catch and so sets off a mechanism, especially in order to fire a gun.
he pulled the trigger of the shotgun
cause (an event or situation) to happen or exist.
an allergy can be triggered by stress or overwork
he pulled the trigger of the shotgun
Both eyes wide open I fumbled for the trigger and fired off three shots.
There is a manual trigger block safety catch located on the left/rear of the frame.
The pan cover either slid open automatically upon the trigger being pulled or had to be slid open manually first.
Now he just had to pull the trigger to launch the missile.
The teacher sighed and quickly pulled the trigger of the shotgun as an explosive noise ran to all directions.
Before you pull the trigger , be absolutely sure of your target and what's behind it.
Don't pull the trigger when the safety is engaged or positioned anywhere between safe and fire.
Your finger may straighten with a snap - like a trigger being pulled and released.
If you know exactly what sets you off, you can be mindful of it and remind yourself of the best ways to react in a trigger situation.