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trier / инструмент для взятия проб
имя существительное
a person who always makes an effort, however unsuccessful they may be.
Kelly was described by her teachers as a real trier
a person or body responsible for investigating and deciding a case judicially.
the jury is the trier of fact
имя существительное
a city on the Mosel River in Rhineland-Palatinate, in western Germany; population 103,500 (est. 2006) . French name Trèves Established by a Germanic tribe, the Treveri, circa 400 bc , Trier is one of the oldest cities in Europe.
The Wimbledon crowd love a trier , particularly one who gives up his initial suspicion of grass, and being blessed with good looks or a dashing style does no harm.
He may not have been top of the class, but he was a trier , he always put the effort in and he never gave up, right until the end.
But New Zealanders love a trier , and that's him.
Such language is normally used to create mandatory presumptions of law that require a trier of fact to find a presumed fact upon proof of a basic fact.
But for the charge being on the indictment, the trier of fact would not hear it.
He's such a hard trier , and he's always second or third, but he got the money today.
She's won or come second in many major distance events, and she's a trier .
I mean, if a favourite gets beat well the punters think there's something wrong and if they win, well the punters think it was the only trier .
God loves a trier and there's no harder worker or trier than our Tom.
the jury is the trier of fact