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trident / трезубец
имя существительное
имя существительное
a three-pronged spear, especially as an attribute of Poseidon (Neptune) or Britannia.
The yatras have in the past sparked clashes in Ahmedabad as Hindu devotees - armed with swords, tridents and spears - hurled anti-Muslim insults from atop chariots and trucks.
Romulus grasped the trident , an attractive weapon of golden bronze with a grip midway down its shaft.
I backed off a few steps, I thrust the trident, he blocked it with his swords but the trident smashed through them.
A little further along, at 18m, is a substantial stone statue of a figure frozen in the act of hurling a spear, or more likely a trident .
A red-handled weapon, looking similar to a trident , was gripped tightly in his hands as if he were expecting danger.
Beside him I could hear the sizzling again, and grabbing hold of the trident 's hilt I pulled.
A good example of such a costly vessel incorporating the figure of Neptune with his trident is shown in the Kalf painting in Plate XI.
In Greek mythology, Poseidon wielded his mighty trident to rule over all the world's water.
This device was oddly nautical, the arrow was a trident and the board, which the wind clapped, shaped a bit like a ship's wheel.
For his coat-of-arms he chose to show Neptune, his trident , and a large fish.
A figure playing Neptune reclines on a sail-covered chest, a trident in hand and a merman by his side.