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tricycle / трехколесный велосипед, мотоцикл с коляской
имя существительное
трехколесный велосипед
tricycle, trike, velocipede, tricar
мотоцикл с коляской
tricycle, tricar, trike
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a vehicle similar to a bicycle, but having three wheels, two at the back and one at the front.
Medium-sized ones include a tricycle or bicycle, scooter, or first in-line skates.
ride on a tricycle.
Yet most of the so-called ‘experienced ‘divers on this trip were tricycling .’
He is on a tricycle and only on one wheel at that, so his position on the pedestal is a bit unbalanced.
As he was being taken to hospital in a tricycle , men in army fatigues stopped the vehicle and demanded to know if the wounded man was Beltran.
Medium-sized ones include a tricycle or bicycle, scooter, or first in-line skates.
Next to the door was a tricycle with a missing wheel, and no handlebars.
In their garage are six bicycles and one tricycle but not one car.
Ask for what you really want - a tricycle for Junior to ride that's so hot you'll be proud to park it in the garage.
Later, Rama's brother removed the wheels from her tricycle and fixed them to his bicycle.
The local Society is also looking for a child's tricycle or bicycle with stabilisers on loan for a month.
The first one was a picture of a little boy on a tricycle in front of a small house.
A little boy on a tricycle darted out in front of them from behind a white picket fence but quickly turned and pedaled away when he noticed them standing above him.