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tricolour / триколор, трехцветный флаг
имя существительное
tricolor, tricolour
трехцветный флаг
tricolor, tricolour
имя прилагательное
tricolor, trichromatic, tricoloured, tricolored, tricolour, three-color
имя прилагательное
having three colors.
Laois stumbled under the tricoloured barrage and but for the finish which only familiarity with success breeds, might have weaved better patterns later in the game, with the gap down to just one point and Laois on the rack.
имя существительное
a flag with three bands or blocks of different colors, especially the French national flag with equal upright bands of blue, white, and red.
The flag is a tricolor with blue, white, and green fields and a red star on the triangular white field on the left.