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trickle / струйка
имя существительное
trickle, plume
trickle, ooze, trickle out, trickle down, bleed, trickle through
течь тонкой струйкой
trickle, trickle down, trickle along, trickle out, trickle through
drip, dribble, drop, trickle, distil, distill
имя существительное
a small flow of liquid.
a trickle of blood
(of a liquid) flow in a small stream.
a solitary tear trickled down her cheek
His eyes were glazed with pain, and a thin trickle of blood flowed out of his mouth and down his chin.
Overnight, the torrent of East German refugees drops to a trickle .
There was a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.
Cool to lukewarm and then trickle the egg and water over the stuffing, mixing it in lightly until the stuffing is moist yet still rather crumbly.
Other teams slowly followed - more of a trickle than a wave.
Fold the pancake neatly into a triangle, place on a plate, trickle the sauce around the pancake and serve immediately.
A faint smile stretched her cracked lips; a trickle of blood suddenly flowed over her parched lips.
With all of the food eaten, and the time growing late, people began to slowly trickle out of the dining hall, until only a few people were left.
As the minutes started to slowly trickle by, Bastian sat in silence and began to wait.
The airport ran until the 1980s - the traffic slowly coming down to a trickle .