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trichotomy / деление на три части, деление на три элемента
имя существительное
деление на три части
деление на три элемента
имя существительное
a division into three categories.
the pragmatics–semantics–syntax trichotomy
Finally, recent molecular work suggested an unresolved trichotomy between sooglossids, ranoids, and all other neobatrachians.
Both clades, together with H. bastetanum, form a trichotomy that it is separate from H. suaveolens.
Instead, there is a trichotomy of the three lineages (Smithornis / Corvus - Vidua/remaining avian taxa).
With the absence of informative characters, these three individuals appear in a trichotomy .
The interordinal phylogeny of the hemipteroid assemblage is still an unresolved trichotomy .
Thus, the relationship appears to be close to a trichotomy and may prove very difficult to resolve with confidence.
This level of divergence was comparable to that between A. aeneus from Costa Rica and the widespread A. mexicanus lineage, producing a trichotomy between these three lineages.
Machiavelli relied heavily on the dichotomy between republican and princely government, Montesquieu on a trichotomy of republics, monarchies, and despotisms.
The trichotomy also prevents development of any vicariance hypotheses among the three provinces.
Apparently, the coelacanth, lungfish, and tetrapod lineages diverged within such a short time interval that at this level of analysis, their relationships appear to be an irresolvable trichotomy .