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tributary / приток, данник, платящий дань
имя существительное
inflow, tributary, supply, affluent, afflux, feeder
платящий дань
имя прилагательное
subordinate, subject, inferior, under, subdued, tributary
являющийся притоком
платящий дань
имя существительное
a river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake.
the Illinois River, a tributary of the Mississippi
a person or state that pays tribute to another state or ruler.
tributaries of the Ottoman empire
While York appeared to have escaped any major flooding, a severe flood warning was put in place on the River Ure at Boroughbridge as waters from its tributary , the River Tutt, starting rising.
the Illinois River, a tributary of the Mississippi
The site was selected, in part, because of the deeply incised valley through which the Cohoke Creek, a tributary of the Pamunkey River, flows.
The Big Hole River is the westernmost tributary stream in the Missouri river system.
In fact, the world would probably have been divided between endlessly warring absolutist and tributary states without even the possibility of escape that capitalism provides.
The largest stands are found not along the larger river channels but along slow-moving, meandering tributary streams where alluvial deposition is occurring.
By what magic do they find their way back not just to the right river mouth, or the right tributary of that river, but to the precise little stream where they once hatched?
Another tip is to look for tributary streams flowing into the main river.
the Illinois River, a tributary of the Mississippi
Floodwater from this growing lake moved up tributary rivers.