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tribune / трибуна, трибун, кафедра
имя существительное
tribune, rostrum, platform, stand, grandstand, hustings
chair, pulpit, cathedra, lectern, rostrum, tribune
имя существительное
an official in ancient Rome chosen by the plebeians to protect their interests.
Frustrated there, he ran for tribune of the people and was elected for 133.
an apse in a basilica.
However the view of the tribune of S. Maria Maggiore was already shown in plate 122.
a dais or rostrum, especially in a church.
From 1922 his stylistically radical work was put to utilitarian ends, including the design of speakers' tribunes and latterly agitprop photomontage and graphic design.
As tribune in 49 he defended Caesar's interest in the Senate as civil war loomed.
For evidence of painted and vaulted porticoes, with a tribune above, which were used as royal mausoleums, we must look to eighth- and ninth-century Asturia.
The first time I got a different take on my very European perspective on how journalists should view their own country, was on my first trip in the US, in South Carolina where I watched a game of American football from the press tribune .
This is not to deny that socialists can use parliament as a tribune from which radical ideas can be put across to help build workers' confidence.
During the American Revolution the words of pamphleteers such as Thomas Paine established the press as the people's tribune .
The media tribune was overflowing with hundreds of reporters, all drawn to an event that has been hyped incessantly since Phelps entered and qualified for the 200 free at the U.S. Olympic trials last month.
An inscription on one of the dishes shows Marcellianus to have been a tribune - a unit commander or staff officer.
When Caesar was a praetor, he supported a tribune who wanted Pompey recalled to restore order in Rome.
In life the king and his family could watch the liturgy from the tribune above, and in death their tombs occupied the Pantheon itself.
As I watched, it wasn't a grudging respect for the perfectly tailored and coiffed tribune of the masses that filled me, but a wave of nausea.