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tribunal / суд, трибунал, место судьи
имя существительное
court, trial, tribunal, court of law, law, law court
tribunal, judgment seat, court-martial
место судьи
bench, tribunal
имя существительное
a court of justice.
an international war crimes tribunal
an international war crimes tribunal
an international war crimes tribunal
Amending legislation may also be necessary if the tribunal loses an expected Supreme Court appeal.
In the judicial branch the Supreme Court of Justice is the highest tribunal .
an industrial tribunal ruled that he was unfairly dismissed
We should devise a system that draws on both national courts and an international tribunal .
Employers' organisations also challenged the power of the Commonwealth tribunal in the High Court.
This may be a court (other than the superior courts), tribunal or other public authority.
So we're looking at international tribunals such as the International Court of Justice or the UN Standing Committee on Torture.
It is encouraging that various instruments, including war crimes tribunals and the International Court of Justice, have been put in place to address and redress past wrongs.