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tribe / племя, триба, клан
имя существительное
tribe, race, breed, stock, strain, sept
clan, tribe, kindred, phratry
имя существительное
a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.
indigenous Indian tribes
a taxonomic category that ranks above genus and below family or subfamily, usually ending in -ini (in zoology) or -eae (in botany).
A broad investigation was initiated into the floral development of 30 taxa out of 15 tribes , focussing on the initiation of bracteoles and on the sequence of sepal initiation.
Favoritism for those from the same tribe or region is common.
A vibrant economy would help sustain the tribe 's social and cultural aspirations, he said.
an outburst against the whole tribe of theoreticians
But it's awfully depressing to see how quickly we can indulge the urge to trim the Faith to suit our political tribe .
And at one point, I was invited into the tribe 's most traditional community for a wake.
By the following afternoon, as my tribe packed themselves into the rented minibus, there was only one message to me from my new family of in-laws and associated partners.
The Amazonian is back in another dress; either that or they have a whole tribe of them backstage.
But some leaders within my tribe reject this tradition.
To get round the nutritional problem, I make my own chicken nuggets, which go down really well with my tribe .
He repeated this three times in case anyone in a neighbouring county hadn't heard, and the entire horrific tribe moved to a table next to us.