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tribal / племенной, родовой
имя прилагательное
tribal, pedigree, brood, tribual
generic, ancestral, tribal, patrimonial, family, clannish
имя прилагательное
of or characteristic of a tribe or tribes.
tribal people in Malaysia
имя существительное
members of tribal communities, especially in South Asia.
The analysts here are worried about the tribals turning communal.
Other peoples had military leaders, tribal chiefs, or headmen, but not officials.
They were a tribal nation where each tribe was recognised and God was the head.
Instead, the country has different tribal groups found on the different islands.
These tribal groups still do not identify themselves with the national culture.
The senior man in a family has the same kind of authority that tribal chiefs have.
This definition comes from someone who has lived among the rivalries of Northwest Coast tribal groups?
This national event is about tribal and folk life in all its resplendent beauty and colour in the country.
Indigenous, tribal , and peasant communities have been particularly hard hit.
You and your people cannot be adopted into the Kiktu without the consent of the entire tribe, in full tribal assembly.
The legal system is based on a combination of Spanish law and the tribal system.