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triangulation / триангуляция
имя существительное
имя существительное
(in surveying) the tracing and measurement of a series or network of triangles in order to determine the distances and relative positions of points spread over a territory or region, especially by measuring the length of one side of each triangle and deducing its angles and the length of the other two sides by observation from this baseline.
The position of the receiver is determined by triangulation , except that in this case, the distance to four GPS satellites is used to determine the receiver's position in three dimensions.
formation of or division into triangles.
Exploiting basic structural concepts of triangulation and curvilinearity in order to produce an inherently rigid, yet dynamic form, the light, ephemeral pavilion sits serenely above a small pool.
(in politics) the action or process of positioning oneself in such a way as to appeal to or appease both left-wing and right-wing standpoints.
The two answers taken together were a form of triangulation worthy of Bill Clinton.
A single measurement of a carefully selected baseline of just a few hundred metres enabled him to calculate the distances between all the towns via triangulation .
Vision-based anticollision systems normally require two cameras because, like human eyes, they use stereoscopic triangulation to judge distance.
The edges E are actually edges of future triangles, obtained by triangulation .
Clinton won the last election by triangulation .
His speech tacked this way then that; he commits the crime of triangulation .
Cellular triangulation , Wi-Fi networks, and ultrawideband offer outdoor and indoor location data as well, sometimes down to the centimeter level.
He introduced techniques to measure the earth and distances on it using triangulation .
It was one of two instruments used to set up the principal triangulation and surveyor's grid for Great Britain-a mapping project to mark a network of fixed points across the country.
the triangulation of Great Britain
The accuracy of Borda's repeating circle allowed distances to be found by surveying using triangulation .