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triangular / треугольный, трехгранный, трехсторонний
имя прилагательное
triangular, lateen, deltoid, trigonal, trigonous, triquetrous
trihedral, triangular, triquetrous, trigonal
trilateral, tripartite, triangular, trigonal, trihedral
имя прилагательное
shaped like a triangle; having three sides and three corners.
dainty triangular sandwiches
They believe in the mystery of his ways, as well as the absolutely necessary triangular relationship of God-universe-science.
Make a difference in the triangular relationship.
During the year, cigar, rectangular, and triangular shaped objects in the sky were reported from various locations.
For one, slave hiring provided flexibility within the slave system that yielded benefits for all parties involved in the triangular relationship.
In fact, Beijing has long been the most important player in the India-Pakistan-China triangular relationship.
One of the girls had been to New York before, and fairly expertly navigated us to a tiny gay piano bar set in a tiny triangular building created by the intersection of gridlines.
Onto this stage is rolled a triangular cage for the important prison scenes, the widely spaced bars forming a jungle gym for the captive Palamon.
The sagacious Romans saw that in order to control the line of the Danube and the east coast of Italy it was necessary to absorb the triangular shaped country of the Illyrians.
One was wearing all red and had a white, circular shaped hat on, while the other was wearing all yellow and had a yellow, triangular shaped hat on.
Two triangular shaped plastic latches extrude from the side.