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triangle / треугольник, угольник для черчения
имя существительное
triangle, delta, trigon
угольник для черчения
имя существительное
a plane figure with three straight sides and three angles.
an equilateral triangle
A gong, cymbals, a triangle , and a timpani, as well as the pentatonic scale, create a sense of the Far East.
It was more of a straightforward kung fu movie, featuring a love triangle , a couple of betrayals, and a revenge plot.
For example, the letter A in a triangle should be plainly marked on a fire extinguisher that can be used for ordinary combustibles.
The third regular polygon is the equilateral triangle , and two of them joined make a diamond.
This, however, can lead to their wives feeling unsupported, creating a schism in the marital relationship - something the three players in the triangle would want to avoid.
Another war movie cliché is the love triangle , involving a conveniently-placed nurse.
In this book Vernier gives a table of sines and a method for deriving the angles of a triangle if its sides are known.
Walking over toward the table and bending down I adjusted myself to correctly break the triangle of balls before me that Zea had just finished racking.
A triangle chimes in the background; it's all very bittersweet.
A theatre critic's secretary is caught up in a love triangle involving the stars of a production of Othello after she is persuaded to alter a review to make it more favourable.