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triage / сортировка, кофе низшего сорта
имя существительное
sorting, triage, assortment, picking
кофе низшего сорта
имя существительное
(in medical use) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.
Do alternative methods exist for diagnosing heart failure or enabling appropriate triage of patients for echocardiography?
assign degrees of urgency to (wounded or ill patients).
‘Treatment with antidepressant, in a sense, triages patients with primary affective disorders to a different path’.
It needs to be restructured by giving funding to provide triage nurses in local centres, a structure that better serves the different health culture and the more rural areas of Scotland.
It will be used to calculate unit radiation status and to perform medical triage and assist in unit reconstitution.
These protein markers have been used to monitor therapy, detect recurrences and triage patients for intensive treatment protocols.
Using a sort of corporate triage , they form teams with the company's own employees to diagnose weaknesses and prescribe a strategy to preserve cash and restructure the business.
However, when triage nurses became involved 80% of patients were treated correctly.
An infosec ‘consultant’ goes through a short triage , and either sends the project for more evaluation or gives it a green light if the security risk is minimal.
The triage nurse said, ‘Now watch how I apply the Manchester triage system to this patient.’
The triage nurses inside the homeless shelter had already initiated a referral form for a surgery consultation prior to sending the young man to the mobile clinic.
Is there a scheme of moral triage that would sort out this activity on behalf of a responsible, civilised society?
As soon as this triage was complete, treatment began.