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triad / триада, трезвучие, группа из трех человек
имя существительное
triad, trine, ternary
группа из трех человек
имя существительное
a group or set of three connected people or things.
the triad of medication, diet, and exercise are necessary in diabetes care
a secret society originating in China, typically involved in organized crime.
The second evil force refers to the triad organizations on mainland China.
The second evil force refers to the triad organizations on mainland China.
Occasionally the reader is treated to a rare triad of Welsh wisdom from the ancient and fragile Grey Book of Glynsabon.
Although a triad arrangement of images seems possible for images of this size, the iconographic basis he offers is highly unusual and the proposal seems forced.
The difference is that Beethoven lifts the upper two notes of the triad , leaving the bass to follow belatedly, while Elgar jacks up the bass first, and the upper notes follow.
Even more fundamental to the old man-young man-woman triad is the connection between age and passion.
Civilization's interest in controlling waste function does not automatically produce a concomitant interest in the Freudian triad of cleanliness, order, and beauty.
Rotman textually embodies mathematical practice by delineating a triad of subject-positions.
The third of a triad may be emphasized above its root or fifth to create a ‘sweeter’ quality in a dolce passage.
For flat keys, again begin with the last flat and form a major triad with that note as the root.
The information assurance triad is composed of authentication, integrity and confidentiality.