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trestle / эстакада, козлы, подмости
имя существительное
overpass, trestle, flyover, skyway, overhead road, trestlework
box, trestle, rack, gallows, jack, horse
scaffold, stage, falsework, trestle, staging, trestlework
имя существительное
a framework consisting of a horizontal beam supported by two pairs of sloping legs, used in pairs to support a flat surface such as a tabletop.
Among the ship's fittings were lanterns with hinged and sliding doors as well as furniture, including stools, benches, folding stands, trestles and tables.
There are also animal images, such as a large ducklike sculpture fashioned from a trestle , some pipes and tubing, a piece of carpet and a few bits of wood.
It was after 4pm by now, and Puffing Billy had gone for the day, so I looked around for the road back to Belgrave, to see if I could beat the train to the trestle bridge, the one in all the postcards.
Apparently no structures other than a trestle appeared on the branch to Ansted.
Nearby, the engineers are also building a timber trestle bridge to allow year round access for Klaipeda's rural residents to cross a flood plain.
He climbed off the concrete supports for the trestle and onto the rocky island shore.
In a record time of 43 seconds, they cut off a piece of the log, not minding that the sawing trestle almost capsized.
Up ahead the engine rumbles across the trestle and clatters over the crossing tracks at State Line diamond.
He hadn't immediately recognized the purpose of the pairs of gleaming metal rails which ran down long ramps and intricately braced trestle bridges from several dark openings in the mountainside.
A trestle and Formica table lined one wall; polystyrene boxes of paints, pastels, coloured pencils sit on rough-sawn benches opposite.
Jaimie Todd's timbered design successfully evokes the world of the trestle bridge and the desolate prison.