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tress / коса, длинный локон, распущенные женские волосы
имя существительное
braid, scythe, plait, queue, tress, tongue
длинный локон
распущенные женские волосы
завивать локоны
имя существительное
a long lock of a woman's hair.
she was tugging a comb through her long tresses
arrange (a person's hair) into long locks.
He took out her hair clip and Chloe's golden tresses fell to her shoulders.
He hauled himself into a sitting position, his wealth of black tresses tumbling down his back and framing his face in a lustrous purple-black surround.
Jill ran her fingers through the long blond tresses a few times for good measure.
Princesses with golden curls, a raven mane or shiny red tresses having adventures are what fairy tales are all about.
She replied calmly, the blonde tresses curled in adorable ringlets around her making her face glow.
The purple tressed assassin shuddered as her sister's voice reached a new peak in pitch.
Long, golden tresses flowed down past her waist, delicate diamonds and jewels strung between each strand.
The appearance of the brunette tressed (at the time) Rose in Season 4 was intended to fill the ancestral shoes of unexpectedly deceased big Halliwell sister Prue, played by everlasting bad girl Shannon Doherty.
Molly threw back her hair in a flurry of golden tresses and whooped a bit longer.
Enough with staring wistfully at those better tressed than you.