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trendsetter / законодатель моды
имя существительное
законодатель моды
имя существительное
a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas.
Fashion, say trendsetters in Dubai, is here to stay.
It's an interesting paradox: original she may not be, but a trendsetter she certainly is.
A person that doesn't purchase at least one or two new pieces of clothing every season can definitely not consider himself a fashion trendsetter .
Andrew added: ‘Stuart was amazed to find he's become a trendsetter , a fashion icon.’
All this time I was slavishly imitating a TV character and she thought I was a fashion trendsetter (albeit a disastrously failed one).
Indeed, she emerged as a fashion trendsetter , helped frame the office, and was the capital city's leading social figure for decades.
Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise was a trendsetter when she married the Marquis of Lorne, heir to the dukedom of Argyll, in 1871.
This is the trendsetter when it came to cultural trends, political trends.
Nicole Kidman has long been considered a fashion trendsetter .
They include a sparkle princess, a rock star, a fashion trendsetter and a drama diva complete with glittery sunglasses.
Celebrity figures are fashion trendsetters for mere mortals everywhere.