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trend / тенденция, направление, устремленность
имя существительное
trend, tendency, drift, drive, slant, sway
direction, directing, route, trend, line, course
tendency, trend
deviate, digress, deflect, depart, diverge, trend
иметь тенденцию
tend, trend, incline
incline, decline, trend, vail, droop
имя существительное
a general direction in which something is developing or changing.
an upward trend in sales and profit margins
change or develop in a general direction.
unemployment has been trending upward
(especially of geographical features) bend or turn away in a specified direction.
the Richelieu River trends northward to Lake Champlain
Some trends may be apparent but other changes may occur which may contradict the general direction of the trend .
The point is that the general trend is moving in the positive direction.
I confess it is a fashionable trend , but in summer, I think most people choose cotton or silk.
an upward trend in sales and profit margins
an upward trend in sales and profit margins
At any rate, there is a worrying trend developing along the North Mayo coast.
The most recent batch reverse that trend , generally showing the parties to be even.
But we expect the general trend in 2000 will be in the opposite direction to last year.
The trend indicates the general tendency or direction over the long-term.
As a general trend , sales of Irish newspapers have declined during the past quarter.