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trencher / канавокопатель, академическая шапочка, солдат, роющий траншеи
имя существительное
trencher, ditcher
академическая шапочка
trencher, trencher-cap
солдат, роющий траншеи
имя существительное
a wooden plate or platter for food.
Then one evening dull, as Stien stood by the large wash bin in the inn scrubbing food from used trenchers , a group of six men Stien had never seen before entered through the thick, wooden door.
a machine or attachment used in digging trenches.
The array was as distinctive as varied - right from earthquake detectors, energy efficient stoves, to trenchers , water-harvesting machines, and corn-roasters.
It also requires adequate, trash-free backfill and sufficient soil moisture for compaction, as well as site conditions enabling a trencher to maneuver.
The soil was purposely left firm to minimize trencher and sub-surface equipment damage while all other excavation and topsoil transporting were taking place.
I was working with a backhoe and trencher on a daily basis for about three years when an assistant's job became available.
It is designed for backhoe or trencher mounting, but it can be adapted to fit a dozer blade on small grading jobs.
A standard-width chain trencher creates a 6-in. trench, so a 5.9-in. shoe is ideal for this application.
He had been hulking behind him the entire time, holding a wooden trencher piled high with protein and fiber.
The trencher will dig a 4-to 12-in.-wide ditch as deep as 3.5 ft.
Contractors in underground construction find the backhoe attachment for a trencher practical.
The collector lines typically are installed with a manual or ride-on trencher .
They are placed beside a rare wooden trencher that coincides in size (approximately four by six inches) with earlier examples used for bread.