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tremor / тремор, дрожь, трепет
имя существительное
tremor, trembling
shiver, trembling, tremble, shake, tremor, shudder
trembling, thrill, awe, trepidation, tremor, flutter
имя существительное
an involuntary quivering movement.
a disorder that causes tremors and muscle rigidity
Brash's remarks immediately induced a tremor of panic in the money markets, prompting the dumping of major New Zealand stocks on the share market.
It seemed that the whole of nature was affected by a tremor of excitement, adoring the creator.
He paused a little, gathering up his courage, removing the tremor from his voice.
His voice was so low and calm, but it shot a tremor of terror through her.
Tina felt a sudden tremor in her heart as the very real reality of the situation settled down on her.
The tremor in Dawn's voice was faint, but Dara heard it.
a tremor of unease
A tremor of unease went through her husband, ‘You remember him.’
Was there the slightest tremor in the Lady's hands?
a tremor of unease