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trembly / дрожащий, неровный, застенчивый
имя прилагательное
quivering, shaky, quavering, tremulous, quaking, trembly
uneven, rough, irregular, bumpy, rugged, trembly
shy, timid, diffident, bashful, blushing, trembly
имя прилагательное
shaking or quivering involuntarily.
her eyes were tearful, her hands trembly
Many full-formed adults come over all trembly when parted from the spellchecker on the PC.
For those worried that their trembly voice doesn't match their newly firm face and figure, the procedure claims to be able to make them sound years younger.
Unfortunately she took me at face value and prescribed beta blockers to slow down my heart-beat, and sleeping tablets because I was exhausted but unable to sleep, restless and hot and trembly .
I was a bit trembly by the time I got to the surface, but not unduly worried.
He says he isn't a candidate for the trembly ward and that's enough for me.
Slowly my trembly legs made their way through the dim passage and wavered unsteadily in indecision.
And when I come by to see her, she's all white and trembly and totally wet.
But the burning ache in his arms got more intense with each shovelful, and he felt hot and sweaty and trembly .
I feel trembly and a bit hyper, like I've had too much coffee, and a bit hot.
The string sample is just hesitant and trembly enough, augmenting Missy's own low-frequency tremolos which are imbued with a troublesome warmth, an open invitation to come back the same jerk that you left as.