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tremble / дрожать, трепетать, трястись
tremble, shake, shiver, shudder, wobble, quake
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, palpitate
shake, shiver, tremble, quake, quiver, jiggle
fear, apprehend, dread, tremble
fear, dread, tremble
имя существительное
shiver, trembling, tremble, shake, tremor, shudder
shake, flicker, vibration, flutter, tremble, thrill
имя существительное
a trembling feeling, movement, or sound.
there was a slight tremble in his voice
shake involuntarily, typically as a result of anxiety, excitement, or frailty.
Isobel was trembling with excitement
When I woke the next morning, it was with a pounding headache and a slight tremble in my limbs.
Without warning, she felt the tremble of a sob wrench her body to the floor, hot tears pouring down her cheeks.
It made him tremble to think that the people may be allowed to make this decision.
there was a slight tremble in his voice
Jennifer grabbed her car door for support, and was heated with the evanescence of the shock wave, a slight tremble of the ground.
The thought of a battle sent more adrenaline coursing through her, but she successfully kept the tremble out of her voice.
But eventually everyone focused back on the subject at hand when the tremble in the arbitrator's voice hinted his conclusion.
She felt it with a tremble of happiness and hope as her dreary eyes watched the clouds turn from pink to white, the sky from orange to blue…
His breath was warm on my face and I could swear I heard a tremble in his voice… or maybe that was just me.
I tremble to think that we could ever return to conditions like these