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trek / путешествие, переход, переселение
имя существительное
travel, traveling, journey, tour, trip, trek
transition, conversion, jump, passage, crossing, trek
resettlement, relocation, migration, transmigration, movement, trek
move, resettle, migrate, emigrate, transmigrate, trek
cross, intersect, cross over, traverse, pass, trek
делать большой переход
имя существительное
a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot.
a trek to the South Pole
go on a long arduous journey, typically on foot.
we trekked through the jungle
No longer will prospective drivers have to trek down to the state's Motor Vehicle Division office to get their eyes assessed before hopping in a car to take the rest of the test.
The hill walking training has been necessary as the walk in China involves a rise of 13, 500 feet over the seven-day trek .
It has been a long trek for the women's movement.
A long sweep was a four-day trek through the surrounding mountains.
The attack took place along an arduous trek into the wildlife sanctuary on Kapiti Island which is heavily wooded at this time of year.
Currently he is gearing up for a trek through the Panama Canal.
Next year, he plans to trek to Patagonia in South America for the same charity.
a trek to the South Pole
many licences are given to men who trek for sport rather than professional fishermen
For people who have been cramped into buses for 12 hours or more, few irritations are worse than discovering there is no hot shower or bed at the end of the trek .