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trefoil / трилистник, клевер, орнамент в виде трилистника
имя существительное
shamrock, trefoil
clover, trefoil
орнамент в виде трилистника
имя прилагательное
trifoliate, trefoil
имя существительное
a small European plant of the pea family with yellow flowers and three-lobed cloverlike leaves.
Her sea-pinks, meadow-sweet, hairbells, daisies, trefoils , orchids and clovers are all still there in a rich rug of purples, blues, pinks, yellows and creams.
Its folding pattern, closely related to that of ricin, is a double trefoil structure in crystals.
The pieces, which depict attack scenes between lions, bulls, and griffins, are distinguished by the trefoil rendering of the ears and the braided pattern of the hair along the body contours of the lions.
a trefoil of parachutes lowers the shuttle's used rockets to Earth
Before long, he burst onto a narrow, ill-paved side street that debauched some distance to his right via a trefoil archway onto a smallish square flanked by shuttered shops and empty traders stalls.
In the 13th-century Deesis mosaic, again in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, the background gold tesserae are laid in a ripple trefoil pattern.
Although the trefoil , bell, and other tracery figures had previously appeared in mural decoration, they acquired exceptional importance around 1500.
The trefoil motif of much Celtic art, such as the Manx symbol, is suggested here.
Whereas the trefoil fenestration above runs the length of the building unbroken, the articulation of the lower story is disrupted at the grand portal.
The traditional trefoil window arch expressed in timber is ubiquitous, along with corbelled timber dentils used as a supporting cornice.
An artist can look at a mathematical shape and envision unlimited possibilities, even from a shape as seemingly simple as a tetrahedron, a trefoil knot, a Möbius strip, or a fractal surface.