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tree / дерево, древо, вал
имя существительное
tree, wood
shaft, tree, roller, roll, spindle, wave
родословное дерево
family tree, tree, stemma
gallows, hangman, gibbet, scaffold, tree, stifler
загнать на дерево
влезать на дерево
climb up a tree, tree
расправлять обувь
растягивать обувь
имя существительное
a woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches at some distance from the ground.
At the same time, branch-cutting was encouraged to get the tree to grow a single, main trunk.
a wooden structure or part of a structure.
a thing that has a branching structure resembling that of a tree.
Both structure-based trees are moderately resolved with very short internal branches.
force (a hunted animal) to take refuge in a tree.
Last week residents of midtown Palo Alto, California, were warned of a cougar on the prowl in their neighborhood, where another big cat was treed and shot last May.
(of an area) planted with trees.
sparsely treed grasslands
He wrapped his wings around himself and then leaned back against the trunk of the tree , watching the ground beneath him.
In the diagram below, the dashed lines in the tree are the problem: do they branch exactly as shown?
Each level in the tree is represented in a buffer, and you can manipulate Customize buffers as usual.
The phylogenetic tree shows the genealogical relationships among nine eukaryotes.
At the same time, branch-cutting was encouraged to get the tree to grow a single, main trunk.
A tree is an organizational structure that has some useful properties for that purpose.
There is one painting of a dead cedar tree , with a blackish, twisted upside-down tornado on a warm desert hillside.
Brass snaps impart a utilitarian elegance, and its hook hangs as easily from a bathroom door as from the branches of a baobab tree .
Then we write the contents of welcome, which contains a DOM tree , to the HTTP response object.
Conversation is done using a hyperlink tree , and navigation through the topics is relatively easy.