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treble / утроить, утраивать, утраиваться
triple, treble, triplicate
triple, treble
имя прилагательное
triple, ternary, threefold, treble, triplex, triplicate
triple, threefold, treble
имя существительное
treble, soprano, descant
soprano, treble, descant, canto
тройное количество
имя прилагательное
consisting of three parts; threefold.
the fish were caught with large treble hooks dragged through the water
имя существительное
a threefold quantity or thing, in particular.
a high-pitched voice, especially a boy's singing voice.
The eerie sound of the air passing through wing feathers differs with each bird, from a low treble , to a high whistle, to one sirenlike whine.
make or become three times as large or numerous.
rents were doubled and probably trebled
three times as much or as many.
the tip was at least treble what she would normally have given
a number or amount that is three times as large as a contrasting or usual number or amount.
by virtue of having paid treble, he had a double room to himself
The balance between treble and bass is just right and there's no doubting this is a top-notch system that any self-respecting audiophile would be happy to own.
Sustained lines for the soprano, joined by a boy treble kept from his bed for five minutes' worth of work, provide vocal variety.
It was a pity that so few attended for the first part of the treble header as both teams served up a thriller laced with the finest of hurling skills and players with real potential for the future.
After just two matches of the new season, the points against tally has already reached treble figures.
the boy replied in a shrill treble
A higher plateau was reached when, within six months of joining Celtic, he had proved hugely influential in the club's only treble success outside of the Jock Stein era.
Likewise, audio is clean and remarkably dynamic; even the extensive use of treble in the bird song doesn't reveal any distortion or buzz.
Believe me when I say this, there's not much treble on this album.
To the right, the Presence control adds treble by reducing the amount of high frequencies in the feedback loop.
The two satellite speakers sit near by monitor and allow me to further adjust bass and treble at a push of a button.