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treaty / договор, переговоры
имя существительное
contract, agreement, treaty, pact, compact, covenant
conversation, talk, negotiation, discussion, parley, treaty
имя прилагательное
treaty, contractual, contract, negotiable, contracted, agreed
имя существительное
a formally concluded and ratified agreement between countries.
The prince represents Monaco in its foreign relations and signs and ratifies treaties .
He's already promised to hold a referendum on the treaty if his party is elected.
Now, the Convention on the Rights of the Child is a treaty that Australia is a party to.
Technically, as all 25 member states must ratify the treaty for it to take effect, it is dead.
This is an International treaty ratified by all the people on this island and there is no other show in town.
The two leaders agreed in September to continue efforts to conclude the treaty by the end of the year.
The terms of the treaty are presumed to have the same meaning in each authentic text.
At that time there was no extradition treaty between this country and Bulgaria.
It is not the treaty but the statute which forms part of English law.
Would we not have to look to the treaty or convention upon which the legislation is based?
The treaty is very clear; the treaty must be ratified by the last day of December next year.