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treatment / лечение, обработка, обращение
имя существительное
treatment, therapy, medication, cure, healing, curing
processing, treatment, handling, working, work, cultivation
treatment, handling, circulation, appeal, address, conversion
имя существительное
the manner in which someone behaves toward or deals with someone or something.
the directive required equal treatment for men and women
The increasing repression faced by homosexuals is a legitimate subject for artistic treatment .
one man got preferential treatment
In line with international practice, Bulgaria and the US will have to agree also on equal treatment of employees.
I believe most people would prefer healthy turf even though an occasional treatment of a safe herbicide must be applied.
Without all those who demanded equal treatment of women, we would still be under the thumb of male dominance.
An Alzheimer's charity claims new health guidelines could be denying local dementia sufferers an effective treatment .
Sewage treatment and waste disposal should be taken up by local self-governments.
Yeah, right, because I'm always getting a beauty treatment for my legs.
treatment of timber
she's undergoing treatment for cancer