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treat / удовольствие, угощение, развлечение
имя существительное
pleasure, delight, enjoyment, gratification, treat, joy
treat, entertainment, spread, regale, layout, chummage
entertainment, amusement, game, distraction, diversion, treat
treat, cure, doctor, nurse, vet
treat, refer, belong, concern, relate, apply
appeal, address, treat, turn, handle, refer
имя существительное
an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.
he wanted to take her to the movies as a treat
behave toward or deal with in a certain way.
she had been brutally treated
provide someone with (food, drink, or entertainment) at one's own expense.
the old man had treated him to a drink or two
negotiate terms with someone, especially an opponent.
propagandists claimed that he was treating with the enemy
Most introductory texts on ethical, legal, and professional issues treat the subjects more comprehensively.
Over 150 varieties of irises hold court for the garden visitor, a surprising visual treat .
The story is told in splendid pictures - a treat to read to the young folk and to enjoy yourself.
The chapters do treat these issues briefly and with circumspection, but Leneman could have been bolder in pushing her analysis in this direction.
they took me to the circus as a birthday treat
A treat is in store for the audience at her breakfast event.
Summarising, political correctness is a one-way street: they may use every form of rudeness but we must treat their concerns as sacred; this must be fought.
Adding to his pleasure was the repeated treat of sleeping in his own bed.
And as a special DVD treat , look for the completed version of the party clown documentary that started this whole thing.
The literary thriller is a double treat for book lovers: you get to curl up with a sophisticated thriller and a book about books.