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treasurer / казначей, хранитель, хранитель ценностей
имя существительное
treasurer, paymaster, bursar, purser, questor, purse-bearer
keeper, custodian, curator, treasurer, conservator, watchdog
хранитель ценностей
имя существительное
a person appointed to administer or manage the financial assets and liabilities of a society, company, local authority, or other body.
Male financial managers and treasurers were found to be earning 40% more than women in the same role.
It was Jim, the company's vice president and treasurer , who discovered that something was amiss.
The treasurer gave the financial account of the past year and the secretary gave an account of the yearly work undertaken and all officers were re-elected.
There will be a report from the treasurer about the financial situation, which is expected to be good.
Once again, the church board should prescribe the financial reporting it will receive from the church treasurer or business administrator.
The treasurer presented her financial report and it proved very satisfactory.
Soon after a brokerage house picked up coverage on the company, the broker's bankers approached the treasurer with a new financing vehicle.
The state treasurer also appoints a technical advisory board to provide information and advice to the board.
Even when he was the company's treasurer and chief financial officer in Europe, he went about his work quietly.
He was also the treasurer of the Society for Italic Handwriting, his affiliation being reflected in his own exquisite copper-plate handwriting.
Develop specific positions for your team, including president, vice president, treasurer , and secretary.