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treasure / сокровище
имя существительное
treasure, jewel
store, keep, guard, preserve, retain, treasure
хранить как сокровище
conserve, protect, reserve, treasure, treasure up
имя существительное
a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects.
He drew it back, cradling it like precious treasure .
keep carefully (a valuable or valued item).
Passes will have to go to hand, ball will not have to be turned over and the side will need to treasure the ball more carefully than they are at present.
It was found to be gold and to contain more than the 10 per cent precious metal content needed for treasure .
One thing is for sure, I'll always treasure my only pair of Shaq 2's which is stuffed under my bed because I doubt we'll ever see a retro of these.
After all, these treasures are literally priceless, and the dome has a bit of a bad track record when it comes to guarding treasure - remember the diamond heist?
I will always treasure my favourite motorcycling footage on bike with Steve for his record breaking lap at the TT.
So now it's just us who have to take a long hard look at whether our use of time and money is laying up treasure in this world or in heaven.
They laugh about finding a pirate's treasure and sharing the wealth.
You're a treasure , my old friend, but I have to go now - an editorial needs writing.
my mother gave me the ring and I'll treasure it always
Occasionally, one comes across a real treasure .
People treasure their albums but they don't necessarily treasure their singles.