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treadle / педаль, ножной привод, подножка
имя существительное
pedal, treadle
ножной привод
step, footboard, running board, footstep, footplate, treadle
работать педалью
имя существительное
a lever worked by the foot that imparts motion to a machine.
She had a treadle sewing machine and mended everything.
operate (a machine) using a treadle.
Other developments in the nineteenth century included the reclining dental chair, amalgam fillings (which were controversial even in the 1850s), and the treadle engine for driving the dental drill.
He said that Tri-Lakes would provide 100 per cent maintenance to the treadle pumps that were given to the farmers.
Pumping their feet on the treadle would turn the drill bit in the patient's tooth.
For instance, a woman using buckets can do 200-500 square metres while the treadle pump user can cover up to 2,500 square metres (five times as much) within the same given time.
Polishing in our workshop had to be done on an old treadle lathe, the only machine we had.
He dipped his fingers in water, spun the bowls using a foot treadle and then played them almost like a piano.
He was listening to the singing of treadle sewing machines hard at work, not an encroaching fever.
It lived for a long time at the bottom of the button drawer on my grandmother's old treadle Singer sewing machine, which I had inherited.
My thin black boot beat on the treadle , urging the wheel to spin harder.
I loved the sound of my boot beating on the treadle .