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tread / наступать, ступать, шагать
tread, advance, attack, set in, come on, arrive
step, tread
step, tread, pace, stride, leg, foot-slog
имя существительное
tread, protector, Lord Protector
tread, step, pace, footfall, footstep, going
поверхность катания
имя существительное
a manner or the sound of someone walking.
I heard the heavy tread of Dad's boots
the top surface of a step or stair.
Designers often use glass tiles as decorative accents in backsplashes, showers, pool borders, floors, and even on the risers between stair treads .
the thick molded part of a vehicle tire that grips the road.
Also make sure that your tyres have proper treads and are not as finished as the body of a snake.
walk in a specified way.
he trod lightly, trying to make as little contact with the mud as possible
Finally, she heard the soft tread of two pairs of feet.
You tread carefully, avoiding the tiger-skin carpet.
My bare feet tread lightly on the dirt floor, sweat already beginning to bead on my brow.
Moreover, there was also a concern in 1988 to tread carefully with interest rate rises for fear of triggering a re-run of the October 1987 stock market plunge.
I heard the heavy tread of Dad's boots
It's also clear to see how Amanda's brief motocross career prepared her for making strides in sports where women have to tread carefully so not to step on macho male toes.
A moment later the front door opened and Ben heard the heavy tread of Hoss's boots against the porch boards.
They shared the ensuing silence amicably, until the heavy tread of boot-clad feet rumbled on the narrow wooden porch of the inn's street frontage.
Participants are instructed in the ‘correct’ ways to engage with people of other cultural groups and how to tread carefully around their different values.
I have a pair that I've been wearing for eight years - the soles are somewhat worn down but they have at least another couple of years to go before the tread disappears.