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treacly / паточный, приторный, елейный
имя прилагательное
sugary, mawkish, luscious, saccharine, syrupy, treacly
unctuous, smarmy, oily, sleek, slimy, treacly
Once these were distilled from molasses, which left a black treacly taste simmering underneath the juniper and other botanicals.
What can I say when between the beauty-board on the wall and the muzak in the air I study my €11.95 starter, which consists of a few scraps of black pudding plus treacly sauce?
Everything for 20 yards was treacly with gritty black fat.
Unrefined brown sugars (light or dark muscovado) taste fudgy and treacly and are perfect for toffee-like sauces.
The starter of oysters with potatoes and Dunsyre blue was really three starters in one (alas, the salty freshness of oysters doesn't complement the mouldiness of blue cheese); the confit duck leg came in a dense, treacly reduction.