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treacle / патока, лесть, слащавость
имя существительное
syrup, treacle, sirup
flattery, adulation, sycophancy, cajolery, palaver, treacle
mush, rosewater, treacle
намазывать патокой
ловить на патоку
имя существительное
cloying sentimentality or flattery.
enough of this treacle—let's get back to business
Without any sentimental treacle , I cried all the way through.
They waved us to empty chairs, plonking cups filled with coffee as thick as treacle in front of us - and, completely unperturbed, carried on raising the roof.
Make a well in the middle, add the oil, treacle and enough milk to combine and make a soft dough.
But what's money when we've got home made treacle sponge for pudding?
The curd is perfectly complemented by the thick warm brown treacle topping that titillates the palate of dessert lovers anywhere.
That he accomplishes all this without diving head first into a pit of treacle and Hallmark sentiment makes it all the more valuable.
The brown bread was not wholemeal, but coloured with molasses or treacle .
Well, a rum baba and a treacle tart were atypically heavy.
To this townie's feet it's like walking through treacle .
Time to head downstairs, but not before I've warned them that if they don't eat their main course, they'll miss out on the treacle tart.