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trawler / траулер, тральщик
имя существительное
trawler, sweeper
minesweeper, trawler
имя существительное
a fishing boat used for trawling.
Euro-MPs are today debating proposals to give trawlers from Spain unlimited fishing rights to nearby Irish waters.
It came, instead, on a fishing trawler plying its trade in the unforgiving waters off the west coast.
The fishing trawler then proceeded towards Peterhead where the rescued fishermen were landed.
Confirmation of the severity of the storm arrived in the shape of a fishing trawler coming in to find shelter.
The Japanese ships pursued the trawler and captured it several hours later.
With the Australians in charge the trawler and the chase ship then turned to re-cross the Indian Ocean.
The boat was an old trawler , something more for fisherman than pleasure cruising.
The crew of the trawler had abandoned ship and the vessel was listing badly.
A fishing trawler off the Outer Hebrides broadcast a Mayday after their engine room and fish hold flooded.
For the men who work the fishing trawlers , it is a life of hardship and endurance.
Coastal fishing communities had been protesting the invasion of their fishing grounds by the trawlers .