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trawl / трал, траловая сеть
имя существительное
trawl, flail, trammel
траловая сеть
trawl, trail-net
trawl, sweep, creep
ловить рыбу траловой сетью
тащить по дну
имя существительное
an act of fishing with a trawl net.
they had caught two trout on the lazy trawl
a large wide-mouthed fishing net dragged by a vessel along the bottom or in the midwater of the sea or a lake.
Whereas a trawl net has to be fairly solid because it's being dragged through the water behind a large vessel, so they tend to be quite distinctive.
fish with a trawl net or seine.
the boats trawled for flounder
We can restrict the numbers of our own boats, we can insist that they have scientists, scientists monitoring the trawl and we can ban the pair trawling within our own waters.
We have had a quick trawl through the Net and come up with a nice, safe, lovely Thanksgiving site.
For historians who know the importance of local and regional studies, these detailed accounts of constituency politics, based on an exhaustive trawl through local and national archives, will be of immense value.
Shaking his head, Glanville tells me that he once dragged up the husk of a 1939 Oldsmobile in his trawl .
they had caught two trout on the lazy trawl
This, incidentally, suggests we have a trawl within a trawl , as it is not part of the usual business of Transport Police to operate as ticket inspectors.
However, the Danish industrial boats trawl for small fish, which are mashed up and made into fish meal.
At the moment I'm having a lazy trawl thru the Sunday papers but no dice yet…
A nationwide trawl of the country's aspiring male and female models was combed down to a shortlist of 70 potential supermodels and Sarah is one of 25 finalists chosen from that group.
We are taking the situation seriously and we are taking a trawl through all our permits.